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Strict Online Restrictions


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Cannabis Compliant

Avoid getting blacklisted or shutdown. Market within online guidelines.

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Target Cannabis Customers

Save on Ad spend by targeting the right demographic that's looking to buy.


Increase Purchases

Increase traffic, improve click-through-rates and grow your sales.

Adapt to Changing Search Engine Algorithms

  • Rank higher on Google Search
  • Outrank competitors content
  • Improve Click-Through-Rates
  • Grow customer reviews on Google
  • Get found on mobile search results
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We Specialize in SEO for the Cannabis Industry

Passionate | Honest | Hardworking | Creative

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We Live the Cannabis Culture

Back in the days of dime bags and Jamaican sess, we went through the culture shifts. We understand your demographic, because we are smokers too.

Experienced in the MJ Industry

From dispensaries to licensed producers, we’ve networked with hundreds of industry professionals since 2017.

Our Team Focuses on Cannabis SEO

Online regulations are strict. We navigate through the obstacles and get your Cannabis Brand the right exposure.

A Creative Touch Added To Your Brand

Cannabis content is saturated, so you need to stand out. Create beautiful visuals and tell unique stories that customers will remember.

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Low Investment Cost, Guaranteed Results

Measure ROI from End-to-End

Monthly reports on campaign project’s growth   

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Research & Customize

Every business has their own unique style, problems and solutions. We figure what works best for you and double down on it.

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Create SEO Content

Content is the lifeblood of current day SEO. We write you monthly articles + create originally imagery. 

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Multi-Listing Management

Citation Signals contribute to 10% of Local Search Ranking factors. We ensure sure all your information is optimized across all Cannabis websites.

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Customer Review Generation

Reviews rank very well for SEO and influence decision making. We make sure you get those quality reviews to rank up.

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Conversion Optimization

Customer decisions are changing by the second. We make sure that your Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are present at the right moment.

Monthly ROI Analytics

Data is concrete proof. We look into your analytics and make adjustments to ensure you get a return on your investment (ROI).

Optimize with a Google 360 Tour

Improve SEO with customer engagement on business listings   

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Richard was very professional, good at setting and keeping appointments, and fast to respond to our questions and concerns.  He was courteous, friendly, and showed a genuine interest in helping us look our best online”

~Robin Ellins, Founder – Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp

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Invest in Cannabis SEO for Long-Term Growth:

  • Rank higher on cannabis platforms
  • Organic map results on business listings
  • Pivot on advertising restrictions through content marketing
  • Insights to cannabis consumer data
  • Attract and educate new customers

What Goes Behind SEO

That Generates Growth

SEO is complicated. Let us do the difficult work that saves you time and headaches.


On-Site SEO

More important than just keyword research. We research keywords that look into the customer’s intent. Our goal is to get users to take action when they find you. On top of that, we fix any errors that are hurting your site.

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User Experience

Core Web Vitals are metrics that Google helps rank websites. These are mainly determined by the overall user experience. We focus on ensuring page speed load time, safe-browsing, https, and user-interaction (First Input Delay).


Optimize For Mobile

Search results on mobile devices show up differently than on desktops. Searches on maps take your location and proximity to businesses as a ranking factor. Therefore we help to optimize so that mobile users can find your business.


Off-Site SEO (Backlinks)

Improve the essential ranking factors. Use the ‘Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness’ strategy to help rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Build backlinks through content outreach.


Competitor Benchmarking

Your search ranking is determined by the effectiveness of how your SEO stands up to your competitors. The better the SEO the higher you rank. Therefore, monitoring what your competitors are doing and improving your strategy is pivotal.


Conversion Optimization

CWV are metrics that Google helps rank websites. These are mostly determined by the overall user experience. We focus on ensuring page speed load time, safe browsing, HTTPS, and user interaction (First Input Delay).

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Consumer Analytics

Customer data tells all. We focus on not just bringing any traffic but targeted traffic that has or has shown interest in cannabis culture, lifestyle, and products. Our monthly reports provide valuable insight to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.


Optimize Business Listings

Business Listings need to be consistent and plentiful around the web. They are a tricky game to play because every directory has their own regulations. We ensure that we maximize your brands value on each listing. Cannabis and Non-Cannabis related.

Media & Marketing

Cannabis since 2017

High Time Business Summit | California Cannabis Business Expo | Edibles List Award Show | Cannabis Capital Conference | KushStock | Women Grow | Leaf Forward | WeedMD LP |Emblem Cannabis LP | CannTrust LP | Cannabis Life Conference | Growup Conference | O’Cannabiz | Karma Cup | Marijuana Business Daily Int’l | Highland Media (Thailand) | Lift & Co Award Show | HighTimes Cannabis Cup | Dope Magazine BAD Event

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“Selected as a top North American Start-Up to participate in the first-ever Canadian Cannabis Accelerator”

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