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Project Scope:

National Wide Locations

Our client entrusted us with a nationwide project, spanning all of Canada. To deliver excellence, we leveraged partnerships across provinces, ensuring seamless collaboration to provide our clients with a product at the highest level.”

Photography Production

Collaborating with partners across provinces demanded efficient communication and workflow. Coordinating imagery onto cloud services facilitated our Toronto production team in finalizing the polished end product effortlessly.

Marketing Strategist

Our clients wanted to increase visibility for larger groups such as event parties and company functions. Through our experience and expertise working with large corporations, our insights heightened their engagement and conversions.

Google Maps

“Our Nationwide projected resulted in over +1,000,000 views on Google Platforms”

RichTeaMedia360 x Cineplex Inc: Multi-Locations Throughout Canada


As a publicly traded company listed on the TSX (CGX) and a leading media and entertainment enterprise, Cineplex Inc. manages over 170 movie theatres, making it Canada’s largest and most innovative exhibitor. Our agency faced the challenge of highlighting Cineplex’s extensive new entertainment venues, encompassing arcade centers, in-house restaurant & bar, bowling alleys, climbing facilities, ticketed games, and virtual reality attractions. The objective was to position Cineplex as the premier entertainment venue across the nation.

Spanning the entirety of Canada, our dedicated photography team worked diligently starting from Ontario to the west coast in British Columbia, through the heart of Alberta,  and all the way to the eastern tip of Newfoundland. Recognized by Cineplex as a Top Trusted Agency, we were entrusted to efficiently coordinate this ambitious project. Our mission extended beyond capturing the physical spaces – we were tasked with drawing in diverse customer segments, including large groups for events such as parties and corporate functions.

To meet this goal, our focus shifted to strategically highlighting event spaces. By redesigning and optimizing areas to showcase a corporate environment, featuring meeting rooms and enhancing bar spaces, we aimed to create an inviting atmosphere for various gatherings. Incorporating photography was essential to capture the setups specifically tailored for large groups and corporate events, showcasing these unique configurations for promotional purposes. The success of our efforts was evident as the imagery and virtual tours generated over 1 million views on Google, reinforcing Cineplex’s position as a premier entertainment destination.



We are the first group of Photographers to work with Google Street View Trusted since 2012. Our mission is to provide our clients the best quality work possible. This includes a Google 360 Tour, Photography, Videography and Marketing.  

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