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Project Scope

Google 360 Tour

Our client, inaugurating their first North American location, invested significantly in interior aesthetics. Through our Google 360 tour, we showcased the distinctive ambiance, including cultural elements such as their HK films posters and a phone booth from England.

Photography Service

We were asked to introduce their popular drinks while showcasing new items to an unfamiliar audience. We highlighted signature menu items while showcasing the diversity of the entire menu.

Social Media Consultant

Penetrating the North American audience demanded more than visuals. Our approach extended to educating them about food quality, history and culture. While engaging them about the brand through impactful storytelling.

Client Focus

“With over 800 locations world wide. Our first North American location we chose to work with RichTeaMedia360”

RichTeaMedia360 x Cuppa Tea: North America’s First Store  


Embarking on a unique venture, we collaborated with Cuppa Tea, the inaugural North American location of a global cafe chain with over 800 establishments worldwide, including notable ones in New York, Virginia, and D.C. Recognizing the significance of being the first North American outlet, the client sought the expertise of the top Google Trusted photographer in the country.

Beyond establishing visibility, Cuppa Tea faced the challenge of introducing their brand to a new North American audience. Our task was not only to capture stunning visuals of their renowned Hong Kong-style milk tea but also to narrate the story behind its excellence. With a focus on social media, we showcased the uniqueness of their milk tea, emphasizing the quality, culture, and traditional Hong Kong foods such as egg waffles and pineapple buns.

The campaign’s success surpassed expectations, yielding a 230% increase in social media followers, a remarkable 420% surge in online traffic to their website and Google Business page, and over 250,000 views on their Google 360 tour. Cuppa Tea’s satisfaction stemmed from our meticulous attention to detail, marketing expertise, and social media proficiency, showcasing our commitment to fostering their brand growth.


We are the first group of Photographers to work with Google Street View Trusted since 2012. Our mission is to provide our clients the best quality work possible. This includes a Google 360 Tour, Photography, Videography and Marketing.  

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