How To Embed Your Google Virtual Tour onto Your Website

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Time needed: 15 minutes.

Congratulations on your new Google 360 Tour. It is a great way to welcome customers inside your business. It’s now time to showcase your new Google 360 Tour onto your company website. Follow these easy steps and have your Google Tour shown on your website.

  1. Go To Google Maps

    It is important that you go through Google Maps and NOT search, or else this will not work.

  2. Type in the Business Name in the Search Bar and Locate it

    google maps screen shot for business

    The search bar is located on the top left of the Google Maps window. Once you type in your business name hit enter or click the magnifying glass icon beside it.

  3. Scroll down to the Photos Section and Look for “Street View & 360”

    photos section of google maps street view

    The photos section is on the same left-hand side of the window. You will see a series of little boxes underneath. Choose the one that says “Street View & 360” or “Inside” also works too. Click the image icon.
    If you do choose “Inside”, it might not appear right away, you’ll have to search for the 360 images.

  4. Click the ‘3 Dots’ Beside Your Name and Select “Share or Embed Map”

    three dots on google maps to embed

    The 360 Tour should have loaded up on Google Maps. If it works, your 360 Tour will be shown on the right part of the Google Maps window. On the left-hand side, it will show various sections of your location. Click and choose one where you think is a good spot to begin your tour.

    Once you are happy with the spot, you can see there are 3 dots beside your business name shown in the example above. Click those 3 dots and scroll down to “Share or Embed Map”

  5. Select “Embed a Map” in the Pop-Up Window and click “Copy HTML”

    Feel free to tweak and reposition your tour as necessary in the pop-up window.

    You can also select the size of the virtual tour you put onto the website. If you would like a specific size, there is a custom section available in the drop-down menu beside the code. Your web developer can always adjust the dimensions to fit your website by adjusting the “width” and “length” in the code.

  6. Paste (Ctrl/Command + V) the Code onto your Website’s HTML.

    Find which page you would like to add the Google 360 Tour onto and simply paste (Ctrl+V) PC or (Command +V ) on Mac the code onto the backend. Save your file and your Google Tour is complete!

  7. Share the 360 Tour Option

    If you don’t want to embed the 360 Tour on your website, but would still like to share a clickable link simply go back to Step 5

    Instead of Embed a Map, keep the selection on “Send a Link” and simply copy the url link. These links can be added anywhere, such as social media links, e-mails or your website.

    Popular comments would look something like this: “Check out our 360 Tour on Google Maps

Images and screenshot examples are from one of our clients Glitch Fix Toronto

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