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Begin your customers research and search experience by impressing them with a 360 walk-through of your hotel or resort. 


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As business owners, we ensure that your hard-earned money will grow your company and generate profit. 

A 360 Experience of All

Your Hotels Features

Showcase not only rooms, but your Hotel’s amenities such as Gyms, Event Spaces, and Restaurants

Add High-Quality Still Photos

to Every Important Website


Add still photographs to all major Websites and Listings, such as, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Social Media and many more.

The case For Virtual Tours

The Radisson Hotel

Introduced virtual tours for a number of their branches worldwide and achieved a 135% increase in online revenue amounting to $7,200 per hotel per month over those without a virtual.

The Omni Hotels

Another study found that when online visitors were offered 360 VR tours they were 67% more likely to book a room online

West Hotels by Hilton

Within 12 months, West Hotels by Hilton was able to receive over 250,000 views and increase room bookings by 7% through the use of 360 videos.

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Getting Started

image on the left could be the improved panoramic locations


Schedule a date for a photoshoot. Time of low volume traffic preferred.


Ensure location is photo-ready condition on the day of the shoot.

*Photoshoot takes approximately 90 minutes.

Service Agreement

Post-dated cheque made to RichTeaMedia360 on day of photoshoot. Service agreement and invoice will be provided.


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