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Project Scope:

Campaign Strategy

We were tasked with showcasing the dramatic lighting changes online in an interactive before-and-after format. We offered insights on technological limits, layout design, and marketing recommendations to meet this challenge.

Google 360 Tour

To enhance interactivity, we proposed integrating a Google 360 tour. The product’s ceiling-mounted lighting, casting from top to bottom, was effectively showcased. The tour provided a customer’s perspective standing within the space.

Photography Service

Over six months, we met the challenge of demonstrating a before-and-after transformation. Our strategy incorporated photography techniques, strategic location choices, and adherence to lighting standards to maximize the effects. 

Video Production

Assigned with producing a client testimonial video, we managed scriptwriting, employed video and sound techniques, and executed post-production for a polished and professional outcome.

Gel Communications

“A six-month project showcasing the before-and-after lighting transformation in a 105,000 sq ft Home Hardware store.

RichTeaMedia360 x Gel Comm: Lux Lighting & Home Hardware


We received a request from Gel Communications, reaching out on behalf of their client, Lux Lighting. Lux Lighting specializes in cutting-edge LED lighting aimed at reducing electrical costs while enhancing lighting quality. The ambitious project involved renovating a 105,000 square foot hardware store, necessitating the replacement of all ceiling lighting. The primary challenge presented was the desire to present a compelling before-and-after narrative in an interactive format.

To address this challenge, a series of discussions and an on-site survey were conducted to understand how photography could strategically showcase Lux Lighting’s superior products. The goal was to highlight the transformative impact on different sections of the hardware store from a customer’s perspective. Traditional photography proved insufficient in capturing the overall ambiance of the vast space, prompting the proposal of a 360 VR tour. This immersive solution allowed for a virtual walk-through of the entire store, presenting the lighting changes comprehensively and serving as a valuable tool for future sales proposals.

Throughout the 6-month project, emphasis was placed on ensuring high-quality, color-accurate imagery that effectively displayed the lighting conditions. As an additional task, we were entrusted with creating a video testimonial featuring the general manager of the hardware store. Our responsibilities encompassed scriptwriting, lighting, video, sound, and post-production.

In summary, our collaboration with Gel Communications and Lux Lighting on this extensive project showcased our ability to overcome challenges, deliver innovative solutions, and produce results that not only met but surpassed client expectations.


We are the first group of Photographers to work with Google Street View Trusted since 2012. Our mission is to provide our clients the best quality work possible. This includes a Google 360 Tour, Photography, Videography and Marketing.  

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