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Project Summary

With increasing competition, our client, a Premium Authorized Service Provider, sought our expertise. The challenge at hand was twofold: a decline in leads from Apple’s Official Repair website and the need to diversify traffic sources.

Bearing the distinguished ‘Premium’ status from Apple, signifying their unparalleled Customer Satisfaction rankings, our client looked to establish a stronger online presence. The elusive concept of a Premium provider left potential customers struggling to differentiate between the authorized repair and unauthorized service providers.

Our mission was clear: empower our client to transcend these challenges and dominate the competitive landscape of Toronto. We aimed to not only refine their branding and increase exposure but also revitalize their online bookings in key market areas.


The Challenge

The client faced several challenges before starting the SEO project, including:

  • Competitors ranking higher: Many with black-hat techniques or established long-term marketing.
  • Low online visibility: The client’s website was not ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Poor website structure: Their website online had basic on-site optimization, making it difficult for search engines to rank their content higher.
  • Limited website traffic: Low traffic, meant customers were headed to their competitor’s websites; resulting in few leads and sales.
  • Inconsistent and low-quality Branding: The client has a premium status their image did not reflect that. Their websites and socials looked similar to many of their competitors.
  • Too reliant on leads from Apple: While in their first years, they received 60% of their leads from Apple they saw a steady decline in leads throughout the years.
  • Company only used Stock Photos: On their website they only used stock images. Repair companies already have a hard time building trust with customers.
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The Strategy

The SEO strategy implemented by the SEO team included the following key tactics:


  • Reflect their Premium Brand: The client’s store, logos, and colors all had a high-end touch. However, their website did not. We created a new strategy and improved their web design to share consistency among their brand.
  • Build Trustworthiness and Transparency: With most customer decisions made online, the client’s brand has no personal touch. The images on their website were all stock images. We had our photographers come in and take some team photos along with creating high-quality, original images for their website and social.
  • Keyword & Content Research: The team conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords relevant to the client’s services. During our discussions, we realized that the majority of their customer sales were for “Macbook Repairs”. We made sure we created Pillar Page that revolved around this topic.
  • On-Site (Website) Optimization: The team optimized the client’s website pages to include schema.org, location pages, and targeted keywords, improved the website structure, and enhanced user experience.
  • Local SEO: We started off by adding and enhancing all their directories. We ensured that their NAP was consistent throughout all platforms. We then added more content posts, products, services, and more “Call-To-Action”. We benchmarked all their competitors and found more adding a review strategy would help boost their rankings.
  • Content Creation: We created multiple Pillar Pages, and created resources and educational information about repairs on their website. We utilized our keyword strategy to ensure that local content was favored. Finally, we re-purposed the content through their directories and socials.
  • Visual Content: We chose to eliminate all their old stock photos and replace them with fresh and updated photography. We took professional photos of the staff, interiors, a Google 360 Tour, and their products. With our imagery, our aim was to showcase their high-quality service and build more trust and transparency with customers.
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ROI exceeded expectations

The SEO team executed the strategy over six months. Key KPI milestones achieved during the project included:

    • Increased Organic Traffic: Achieved a remarkable 206% increase in site traffic, expanding the reach and visibility of the website.
    • Enhanced Brand Recognition: As a result of increased traffic, customers viewing the website were welcomed with a high-quality and informative resource page. This resulted in lower bounce rates all-around and a higher CTR.
    • Improved Keyword Rankings: Identified and targeted new keyword opportunities, and focused on customer search intent. This lead to 36 new search engine page rankings within a few months.
    • Local SEO Domination: Our on-site and off-site SEO strategies led to an impressive climb faster than we thought. Within a few months website content started showing up on SERP and continues to grow.
    • Quality Content Success: Strategically developed content articles and imagery. The written content provided a useful resource that built trust. As well the interior and staff photos showcased their transparency.
    • Conversion Rate Optimization: Implemented strategic SEO and Call Action strategies, resulting in a surge of online bookings and a 1660% growth rate.


Site Traffic


Unique Visitors

New Pages Ranking


Online Bookings


With the help of our Local SEO and Re-branding efforts, we were able to help our client grow:
Apple Bookings RTM360


  • Enhanced Search Visibility: Through our tailored Local SEO strategies, we significantly increased our client’s exposure across various search engines, ensuring they stand out prominently in relevant searches.
  • Premium Brand Positioning: Our re-branding efforts successfully positioned our client as a premium service provider, setting them apart from competitors and creating a distinctive online identity.
  • Trust and Transparency: The implementation of our strategies fostered trust and transparency, translating into increased customer actions and engagement, a vital aspect of online success.
  • Google Algorithm Compliance: Our meticulous approach aligned with Google’s EEAT criteria (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust), establishing our client as a leading Premier Service Provider in the eyes of Google’s algorithms.
  • Content Strategy Success: Our strategic content development not only met but exceeded expectations, with some articles ranking on the coveted first page, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.
  • Boosted Traffic and Bookings: Overall, our collaborative efforts culminated in a significant increase in traffic and customer bookings, marking a successful chapter in our client’s online growth.

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