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Project Scope

Campaign Strategy

Leveraging our expertise, we were tasked to stage and plan a photoshoot, optimizing space and ensuring even product highlights. The primary goal was to present displays in the most appealing manner.

Photography Service

We decided to best showcase their requests was to shoot at a higher vantage point. Opting for slightly higher perspectives allowed comprehensive views of display products, while not losing out on quality and accuracy.


Managing various light sources in a department store, from external mall lights to natural window light, necessitated extensive post-production. The focus was on ensuring accurate color management in the final delivery.

Client Focus

“It was important to show our partners the complete layout of each merchandise display”

RichTeaMedia360 x Holt Renfrew: Canadian Luxury Retailer Chain 


The esteemed team at Holt Renfrew, Canada’s premier luxury department store, recognized RichTeaMedia360 for our distinguished photography and expertise in interior and architectural photography. Tasked with highlighting merchandise for internal purposes, our focus aligned with key areas, allowing their team to review setups and designs for improvement and archival purposes.

Executing a regimented photoshoot, our photographers meticulously captured shots from elevated vantage points, ensuring comprehensive views of products and layouts in each section. The emphasis on delivering the highest quality work extended into the post-editing process, addressing challenges posed by diverse lighting sources within the department store. Our adept team navigated these complexities, guaranteeing accurate color depiction and maintaining sharp, high-quality visuals.

Effective communication played a pivotal role as we preemptively addressed challenges before the shoot, resulting in a seamless and issue-free production. The final deliverables exceeded expectations, showcasing clean, sharp, and color-accurate product images. Holt Renfrew expressed satisfaction, noting our ability to not only meet but surpass their expectations, delivering a result they are proud of.


We are the first group of Photographers to work with Google Street View Trusted since 2012. Our mission is to provide our clients the best quality work possible. This includes a Google 360 Tour, Photography, Videography and Marketing.  

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