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Project Scope

Google 360 Tour

The Google 360 tour empowered fans and athletes to explore Canada House seamlessly. Providing both location guidance and a virtual stroll through amenities, enhancing accessibility and engagement for users


We aimed to capture the celebratory atmosphere of being an athlete. When one broke records, we seized those historic moments, ensuring our imagery conveyed not just the Canada House but also the emotions in celebration.

Content Creation

Our collaborative content with Team Canada, including the featured Google 360 tour on their blog and socials, garnered high praise, significantly boosting visibility and engagement for Team Canada.

Client Highlight

We constantly seek fresh avenues to foster interactive and engaging connections between the Olympic Team and Canadians

RichTeaMedia360 x Team Canada: Social Media Campaign


Entering the dynamic world of the Team Canada Olympic Team was a thrilling journey sparked by a pleasant discussion with the Head of Team Canada’s Social and Digital Marketing. Recognizing their foward-thinking efforts towards online marketing, we dove into collaboration as they ventured into exciting new projects, including the launch of the Olympic Club Rewards app and innovative content creation. With the Pan Am Games in Toronto that year, our vision converged on showcasing the unique “Canada House” experience—an essential hub for Team Canada athletes, families, and fans worldwide.

The challenge lay in providing an interactive and easily locatable Canada House experience for athletes and fans. Leveraging Google 360 Tour and Google Maps, we crafted a solution that not only facilitated navigation but also enriched the engagement for athletes and their families. From a visual standpoint, our blend of photography and 360 Tours offered audiences a captivating look inside the Canada House, opening a window to the vibrant and dynamic environment.

Our collaborative content found its home across various platforms, from Google and the Team Canada App to Social Media and the Official Blog. Users were treated to immersive explorations of the Canada House, capturing both its static essence and the dynamic atmosphere during events. The success of this collaboration resonated with both athletes and Team Canada enthusiasts, ushering in a new era of connection and engagement.


We are the first group of Photographers to work with Google Street View Trusted since 2012. Our mission is to provide our clients the best quality work possible. This includes a Google 360 Tour, Photography, Videography and Marketing.  

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