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Project Scope

Google 360 Tour

U of T sought ways to enhance accessibility for new and international students across its extensive Toronto campus, simplifying the process of locating facilities and classrooms for a smoother experience.

Mapping Overlay

Collaborating with a graphical overlay company, we implemented a graphic overlay for easy navigation. As well, providing students with a comprehensive view of the college’s  other amenities that students may not of known about.

Integration onto Google

Being a Google Trusted Agency, we seamlessly uploaded the college’s 360 Tour to Google and Google Maps, allowing students to virtually explore the campus directly on the Google platform.

Client Highlight

“Allowing International Students a 360 experience of what it’s life as a student is an invaluable advantage”

RichTeaMedia360 x U of T: Top 25 Ranked Global College

Embarking on a journey with my alma mater, the University of Toronto, was a thrill. Our collaboration kicked off with a fascinating project centered around Emmanuel College, aiming to provide international students with an immersive campus experience. Picture this: a dynamic Google 360 tour coupled with an interactive menu, allowing students to seamlessly explore classrooms, reception areas, lush exteriors, vibrant lunchrooms, and even the serene prayer room—catering to the diverse needs of our Muslim student community.

As the success of this venture soared, we expanded our scope to showcase the residences, capturing the essence of dorms, lively lobbies, and buzzing student centers. The overarching mission? To not just showcase the university’s top-tier facilities but to be a beacon of transparency, offering a warm embrace to prospective students. This innovative tool became a compass, not only for international students but for anyone navigating the vast campus.

The project’s triumph echoes in its integration onto the university’s website, where the tool becomes a virtual guide, sharing insights into specific locations and answering student queries. It’s more than just a tour; it’s a narrative, helping students make informed decisions about choosing the University of Toronto.


We are the first group of Photographers to work with Google Street View Trusted since 2012. Our mission is to provide our clients the best quality work possible. This includes a Google 360 Tour, Photography, Videography and Marketing.  

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