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(Updated from past event 02/20): A great event hosted by the team at Google Canada and Spark Marketing. This early morning breakfast gave attendees a chance to learn more about online marketing and advertising.

Here are 5 tools and advice that I found very informative at this amazing event:

1. Google Trends – A free public tool that allows you to get some real insights, in real-time. Great for getting to know and finding your right audience. See what people are interested in and create videos, blogs, social, etc around it.

2.Google Consumer Survey: A really good way to get consumer data through surveys and focus groups. It’s a paid service but seems like it might be worth it. You can target your audience with the types of questions you are looking for quickly.

3. Add a Search Box to Your Website: So simple! Adding this small box can give you valuable insight into what your customers are looking for. Then just adjust your website accordingly to fit your audience’s needs.

4. Ways to Gain Credibility to your Brand:
*Creating Consistency
*Initiate Inspiration, create a compelling narrative around your product and deliver an experience.
*Building customer loyalty turns customers into brand advocates.
*Association with another brand is very important

5. Don’t challenge yourself to 10% incremental gain, challenge yourself to a 10x Gain !!
**Google didn’t look to improve cars by making them drive faster, they looked to make a car drive by itself.

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Spark Marketing’s President Peter Reitano and some team members.

google toronto event rooftop

google toronto event headquarters

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google toronto event richmond

google toronto building

Move Your Mouse Over the Image Below And Take a 360 Tour of The Event:

Thank you again Google Canada and Spark Marketing!

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